About Hearth&Co

'PLAYFULLY DIFFERENT' pretty much sums up the various growth and iterations that has brought Hearth&co to where it is today.

Beginning in late 2016 with the famous Steel Candles, there was always a desire to produce something both beautiful and practical, different and unique, that could be gifted to others, or oneself!

Today, our Ethos is focused on You, on your very own HEARTH - the warm centre of your home.

But within that word are the principles about that Ethos - 

HEART - Thoughtful, personal design made with genuine love, in conjunction with other local businesses, to share the joy and benefits of producing beautiful things for our beautiful customers.

EARTH - We have championed plastic free packaging in our products since 2017, keep our carbon footprint low by designing and making our own packaging, and engaging with businesses who themselves are mindful of our planets limitations.

ART - And frankly, what's the point of making things if they don't come attached with the beauty and frustration of months of thought, design, redesign, emotion and feeling that we strive for in every piece we make!

We welcome you with open arms to come on this journey with us.

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