Tips and Tricks

Lighting and Relighting

* The wick is left higher than usual burning height for aesthetics purposes.
* When you are ready to burn the candle, either trim the wick very short, or
light the candle, wait for it to charcoal, and extinguish and trim.
* The candle will intermittently crackle, this is normal.
* If the flame is too high whilst burning, or it smokes excessively, extinguish
and trim the wick to a lower level.
* If the flame appears to be struggling, tip the candle slightly to remove wax from
the melt pool and out to the sides.
* Ensure burns, and especially the first burn, are for a few hours to produce a full
melt pool. This aids future burning and prevents tunnelling
* Extinguishing your candle every four hours or so, and trimming the wick, extends the
life of your candle and prevents excess wick smoke.

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